is a local online hub for youth-led movements and meaningful dialogue with peers and invested adults in the Seattle area. PSO offers a safe online space for youth and young adults to post blogs, photos, videos and audio to connect with their peers about issues they care about. Policy makers, teachers, youth development workers and other invested adults are encouraged to create accounts and engage in these important conversations as well.

PSO supports meaningful, appropriate conversation and resource-sharing that can enhance any youth program or classroom. Unlike other social networks, PSO is not blocked in schools. All conversation on the site is public and moderated by our staff. Membership is free and open to anyone ages 13+. You can access the site and post content from a computer or mobile device. was developed in 2007. The inaugural PSO Youth Council along with the City of Seattle Department of Information Technology, University of Washington Center for Communication and Civic Engagement and Metrocenter YMCA utilized the input from 180 teens including the Mayor’s Youth Council to develop this online space.

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“The mission of is to provide youth with a forum for discussion, artistic expression, and action as a way to empower and encourage youth to have a strong voice. The project aims be a catalyst for increasing youth involvement and engagement within the community while encouraging expression of one’s beliefs, respect for others, and commitment to public service.We have faith in the ideal that by giving youth the opportunity to express their voice, they can have a successful future and better their communities.”-Developed by PSO youth council, Summer 2007



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