Spark real discussion and real action. Spark! Teen Dating Violence is a digital media and advocacy project-based program designed to encourage safe, substantive conversations about the under discussed, important topics of teen dating and sexual violence. Spark! Teen Dating Violence teaches young people 15 years and older to critically analyze media, produce digital content, use social networks for advocacy, and plan an action project in their school or community.
  • Designed as a 9-hour program
  • Suitable for ages 15 and older

“We were worried about broaching this subject with our team. We ended up being thrilled both with the process and the content in the curriculum. The film delivers the content in a digestible format. It was one of the most salient activities we have engaged our players in.”-Tahoma High School football coach; Covington, WA

tabulogo fromFBSpark! Teen Dating Violence was created in partnership with TabuTalk.

“The Civic Voice Curriculum draws on state of the art knowledge about how to help young people engage in public life. Trained staff and peer mentors provide great technology training in the communication skills that are useful in so many areas of life. Learning ho to address community issues with effective advocacy is a great way to meet service requirements.” – Dr. Lance Bennett, professor and director of the  University of Washington’s Center for Communication and Civic Engagement.

“Digital media technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to help young people learn to engage with public life. Learning how to develop public voices and sustainable networks can be enhanced through access to technology, content production and skills training.” – University of Washington’s Center for Communication and Civic Engagement. 


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