was created to provide resources, reflections and curriculum to help educators and youth development workers engage young people in civic life through cause-driven media production. The site is populated by the staff at YTech, which is a program at the Metrocenter YMCA in Seattle, Washington. Our staff also runs, a local social media platform which was created in partnership with the City of Seattle Department of Information Technology. Other contributors are members of the Seattle Youth Media Educators group. About Our Work

Gone are the days when learning 10-key or Microsoft Office skills prepared young people for higher education and the workforce. We aim to enable young people with the skills to critically shift through the noise of the media landscape, as well as become able, thoughtful producers of local, cause-driven media content. With high expectations for young people, we empower and support them to be agents of change in their communities.

Our staff are trained to use media literacy and civic engagement as a catalyst to developing meaningful relationships with young people ages 14 to 24 through internships and workshops in the Seattle area. With our connection to the City of Seattle and, we’ve been a leader in digital inclusion efforts in the Puget Sound region for the last ten years. We offer access to technology and local media production trainings to youth and young adults with limited access to digital media technologies. We also run the Get Engaged program that places emerging leaders ages 18-29 on different public Boards and Commissions.

Our work can be easily integrated into any subject area, including:

  • youth advocacy
  • service learning
  • social studies
  • health sciences
  • media production

How We Can Help

If you are interested in integrating digital media production or civic engagement into your programming, we have various ways to support your work. To inquire about our consulting services or customized curriculum to meet your organization’s needs, contact



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